• Craptastic Lessons

    Craptastic Lessons

    Sometimes shit goes sideways. And I admit, at first, it can take the wind out of my sails. But then I have to take a step back, detach a bit from the emotion behind it, and ask myself, what is the message or lesson here? The most recent example was when I was getting bored […]

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  • So What!? Do it Anyways!

    So What!? Do it Anyways!

    Recently I was watching Impact Theory, and Tom was talking to Jim Kwik, and they were talking about excuses. The problem is that excuses are REAL, which is why they are so easy to justify. But so what? Just because the excuses are real does not mean we cannot transcend them. We can adopt a […]

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  • If Not You, Then Who?

    If Not You, Then Who?

    We all have dreams or even random ideas that come to our heads of things we should do, learn or explore. But sometimes it is easy to say, “why?” Why should I do this? Many other people have done something similar,” or you think you do not have enough experience yet to do what you […]

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  • Winter with the Eagles

    Winter with the Eagles

    Photographing eagles is like capturing a moment of pure majesty and power frozen in time. With wings outstretched and eyes fixed on their prey, these magnificent birds of prey embody the epitome of grace, strength, and beauty. As you focus your lens on an eagle, the world seems to fade away, and all that remains […]

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  • My Brief Moment as a Morning Person
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    My Brief Moment as a Morning Person

    I am not a morning person, never have been, or should I say I have never been an early riser. I have done it for different jobs, but it is not what I prefer to do, I prefer to work late into the evening and get up around 9 or 10ish. But I have proven […]

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  • What Would a Badass Do?

    What Would a Badass Do?

    Recently there were a lot of things going on in life that I will not get deep into. But enough things were going on that my headspace was not as good as it typically is. I noticed I was having a harder time than usual getting as much done as I wanted. Now first off, […]

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