• Freedom of Solo Travel
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    Freedom of Solo Travel

    Traveling alone turned out to be an unforgettable experience, one that I think back on often. For my 40th birthday, my hubby sent me on a solo trip to the paradise of Hawaii. Understanding that Hawaii didn’t pique his interest in the same way it did mine, he arranged for me to embark on this…

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  • Kauai and Helicopters
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    Kauai and Helicopters

    I went to Kauai for my 40th birthday, this was the first time I had been to Hawaii. I had five days to get in as much exploring as possible, and let me tell you, I did not stop. I decided to do a helicopter tour. I had never been in a helicopter before. Well,…

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  • Creating an Oasis in Our Minds

    Creating an Oasis in Our Minds

    I was recently thinking about creating a hummingbird garden in the backyard that would double as a meditation garden, I was thinking it could be a place of calm peace for me. But then it got me thinking about how creating that space in ones own mind is even more important because then we carry…

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  • Stress, Anxiety and Letting go

    Stress, Anxiety and Letting go

    Fear and Anxiety are a constant for many. I have found for me one thing that can cause it is holding on tightly to what we have and striving so hard to make what we want to happen. Surrendering to what comes in life is a challenge. I have always been a MAKE things happen…

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  • Half a Year Meditating

    Half a Year Meditating

    I have made it well past the half-year mark now (day 204). I was going to write once I got to the halfway mark, but I was having a hard time figuring out what to say about it. So I am a bit late in posting it. Meditating, I have noticed, feels like getting a…

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  • Everything is a Guide

    Everything is a Guide

    We can change so much just by changing our perceptions. One thing that has helped me is to look back on all the shitty experiences in life and see them in the context of my journey thus far. What I mean by that is that to me, all the things I go through are things…

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  • Finding Creative Solutions

    Finding Creative Solutions

    At some time, I think all of us have felt stuck and like there was no way out. But what if we can slightly shift our thinking? What if instead of saying there is no way, we ask, how could there be a way? We can get creative with our solutions.  See, the thing is,…

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  • 60 Days of Meditation

    60 Days of Meditation

    A couple days ago I hit day number 60 of meditations. Now I have done a decent amount of meditation before this, but it was so sporadic, I would be mostly consistent for a month and then skip a month etc. So I made a commitment to do at least one 30 minute meditation every…

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  • Craptastic Lessons

    Craptastic Lessons

    Sometimes shit goes sideways. And I admit, at first, it can take the wind out of my sails. But then I have to take a step back, detach a bit from the emotion behind it, and ask myself, what is the message or lesson here? The most recent example was when I was getting bored…

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  • So What!? Do it Anyways!

    So What!? Do it Anyways!

    Recently I was watching Impact Theory, and Tom was talking to Jim Kwik, and they were talking about excuses. The problem is that excuses are REAL, which is why they are so easy to justify. But so what? Just because the excuses are real does not mean we cannot transcend them. We can adopt a…

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