Everything is a Guide

We can change so much just by changing our perceptions. One thing that has helped me is to look back on all the shitty experiences in life and see them in the context of my journey thus far. What I mean by that is that to me, all the things I go through are things that have veered me into new directions to become the person I am. I think all these things that happen to us are guiding tools. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that plenty of them do not suck ass, but I think that if we take a step back and look at all the things we have been through, they can show us how they have shaped our lives and taught us lessons we would not have otherwise learned.

A really easy example to showcase this point is when you lose your job, now at the time that it happened, it is a huge deal and really shakes things up, but for some people, that winds up being the impetus to look into a career field that they never thought of before. They would never have even gone through the process of thinking about what else they wanted to do with their careers if that job would not have fired them.

Or let’s say you are a runner and you wind up having some physical issues, so in order to stay in shape, you switch to swimming. You realize you really like swimming, and you actually have a knack for it, and start doing competitions. You would have never switched from running if it were not for the injury.

Obviously, these two examples are only specific areas of our lives, I think this can be deeper than just the examples above, it can be near-death experiences or big health scares that make us completely switch up our entire lives. And it can lead us down a deeper, more meaningful path than we had planned or would have even thought of. I think it is about taking these things that happened and sifting for the lessons and meaning within them. It takes that bad thing and at least gives it some purpose. This is at least how I like to look at things.



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