Stress, Anxiety and Letting go

Fear and Anxiety are a constant for many. I have found for me one thing that can cause it is holding on tightly to what we have and striving so hard to make what we want to happen. Surrendering to what comes in life is a challenge. I have always been a MAKE things happen kind of person, but I have been looking for a more relaxed way to live. Now understand when I say surrender to what comes, I do not mean that I do not have goals or I am not working hard towards them. What I mean is having a balance of growing and improving in life, but also being open to where life may go. I know for myself personally that I will set some goals, and as I am working towards them, life will throw me a curve ball and send me in a completely different direction. The direction is not bad, just different, and I would not have even thought of it. But if I stay open, I continue to grow and change, but I am not closing off all the other possibilities that may come. I am currently working on this, and letting go of that control is HARD! I could keep working the way I always did and accomplish my goals exactly as I want and have that constant anxiety, but I could miss out on things that might be even better than what I originally had planned.



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