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Freedom of Solo Travel

Traveling alone turned out to be an unforgettable experience, one that I think back on often. For my 40th birthday, my hubby sent me on a solo trip to the paradise of Hawaii. Understanding that Hawaii didn’t pique his interest in the same way it did mine, he arranged for me to embark on this adventure by myself, and of course, with my camera.

The moment I hit the airport, I got that feeling of freedom that comes from nowhere else to be. It was a liberating feeling to be on my own, without the need to cater to anyone else’s preferences or schedules. My sole mission was to immerse myself in the natural beauty of the islands and capture it through my camera lens. With no obligation to invite friends along, I had a certain amount of solitude, which allowed me to really just go where my camera took me.

While I had meticulously planned a plethora of activities and photographic locations to explore, the real beauty of traveling alone lay in the freedom to deviate from my plans whenever I felt compelled to do so. If I found myself mesmerized by the play of light on a pristine beach or the vibrant colors of a Hawaiian sunset, I could simply let go of my schedule and focus on the beauty I found. Sometimes the perfect shot took precedence over food. I’d often found myself opting for quick snacks in my room, all in the name of ensuring I didn’t miss a magical moment.

As I reflect on those five days of photographic immersion, I can only describe them as a moment of peace I think on often. reminding me of the power of solitary exploration. I look forward to more solo travel in the future as my schedule allows.

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