Creating an Oasis in Our Minds

I was recently thinking about creating a hummingbird garden in the backyard that would double as a meditation garden, I was thinking it could be a place of calm peace for me. But then it got me thinking about how creating that space in ones own mind is even more important because then we carry it around with us always.  So if I grow a garden in my mind, how does that work? I figured it would be comprised of thoughts. Those thoughts are the seeds that create what kind of beauty we have in our minds. So negative thoughts like judging ourselves and others, complaining, etc would kill off the flowers and grow more strangling weeds. Positive thoughts like gratitude, paying attention to the beauty we see, things we think are great about others etc, would grow beautiful flowers and starve the weeds. How great would it be to cultivate that ideal garden oasis in our own minds? Just something I was pondering. Weird how these ideas can spring up in the mind.



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