60 Days of Meditation

A couple days ago I hit day number 60 of meditations. Now I have done a decent amount of meditation before this, but it was so sporadic, I would be mostly consistent for a month and then skip a month etc. So I made a commitment to do at least one 30 minute meditation every day, even when I am antsy and can not seem to calm my mind down.

So, first of all, I want to make it clear, I can truly see why this is called a practice. I am soooo not in a zen place every time I meditate. I have more and more times of calm, completely clearing my mind. But it is usually for a few minutes at a time, and then my mind starts going off on some tangent, and I let those thoughts go and do what I can do to get back to that place of calm. I like to call it the void, I aim to get myself into that void where my mind is blank, and I am just kind of swimming in a place with no thoughts.

While I sit for 30 minutes really my main meditation time is usually about 20 minutes, between getting settled and then usually I open my eyes when I have 6 minutes left on the timer. I mean I still aim to get back into it for those extra 6 minutes, but I have noticed that I pretty consistently open my eyes at 24 minutes.

So here is what I am noticing from this practice so far…..

Now 60 days of consistency is still in the VERY early stages when it comes to meditation, but I am already noticing some changes and benefits.

1. The #1 benefit is that I find myself being much more conscious about my stress/calm levels. I find myself automatically taking deep breaths throughout the day and just letting everything go (except last week, I was a stress case then).

2. I am paying attention to more of the idea that life is a game and I should not take it so damned seriously.

3. I have always taken in the beauty around me, but I am paying even more attention to it. Really taking it in.

Like I said I have done a bit of meditation in the past, but I think there is something about the commitment to daily practice. It is telling myself I am worth it for one, and it makes me at least try to relax if I am in a stressed state because that is no longer an excuse to miss a day. I am very interested to see what changes come about as I continue this practice. If you are a meditator, what have you gotten out of it? How have things changed?



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