Finding Creative Solutions

At some time, I think all of us have felt stuck and like there was no way out. But what if we can slightly shift our thinking?

What if instead of saying there is no way, we ask, how could there be a way? We can get creative with our solutions.  See, the thing is, if you say there is no way, your mind gives up on the problem and depression sets in. But if you ask how could there be a way, your brain goes into creative mode, you may still be a bit down because of the issue at hand, but this kind of thinking gives your brain hope. The thing is, so often there are more solutions than we think there are, we need to be open to unconventional ways that it could be solved.

Example of work

What if you want to work in a particular field, but it is a field that is so flooded that, generally, you can only find work when someone else retires? What complementary skills can you add to make yourself more desirable? Can you take that complimentary learning and find a job close to what you want and work your way in that way? Can you be independent and find your own clients? You could write a book or start a YouTube channel on that topic, showing that you are an expert in the field so the jobs come to you.

Example of fitness

Okay, take the arthritis in my feet for example. Things have progressed lately to where 2 miles is about as far as I can go without extreme pain. So I can either give up on hiking or I can think of solutions.  Some creative solutions would be getting some rocker shoes to see if that takes the pressure off my toe joints. Another solution is to hit the gym more and workout on the elliptical, bike, and swim. All 3 of these will help keep my body in shape without the pressure on my feet. I could take up more biking outside too, true it’s not hiking, but it’s one more solution to be active in the great outdoors.  And these are just a few options.

These are two examples of some common areas people struggle with. Don’t stress about it, just test it out. What area of your life do you feel like there is no hope? Sit down with a pen and paper and just ask yourself what could be a solution to this issue? Then write down everything you think of. Plenty of it will be ridiculous and that is part of the process, but some of it will be good ideas that you have never thought of before.



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