My Trifold Life

Photography & Art

This is my blog area where I talk about the process, behind the scenes or inspiration in genral when it comes to my art and photography.


Experiences while traveling, both near and far. Much more coming soon as my hubby and I take to the road and see more of what the US has to offer!


Working on developing a healthy mindset has been an ongoing lifes persuit. I decided I would share my musings on this subject for those that may relate.

Who I am…

I am an artist, zen seeker, and business woman.
I believe art and mindfullness are both teaching us how to appreciate the life we have. Art is someone showing us how they see the world and the beauty within it, but mindset, mindfullness, philosophy is how we ourselves learn to see that beauty around us during every waking moment.

“Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.”

My Art



Landscapes and so much more…


  • Craptastic Lessons

    Craptastic Lessons

    Sometimes shit goes sideways. And I admit, at first, it can take the wind out of my sails. But then I have to take a step back, detach a bit from the emotion behind it, and ask myself, what is the message or lesson here? The most recent example was when I was getting bored […]

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  • So What!? Do it Anyways!

    So What!? Do it Anyways!

    Recently I was watching Impact Theory, and Tom was talking to Jim Kwik, and they were talking about excuses. The problem is that excuses are REAL, which is why they are so easy to justify. But so what? Just because the excuses are real does not mean we cannot transcend them. We can adopt a […]

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Lessons Learned so Far….

After studying mindset for many years and then reading and practicing some self mastery work I decided to compile what I have learned this far. This is a quick easy read, written in a way to give you quick reminders. You can download this for free or order a physical copy online.