So What!? Do it Anyways!

Recently I was watching Impact Theory, and Tom was talking to Jim Kwik, and they were talking about excuses. The problem is that excuses are REAL, which is why they are so easy to justify. But so what? Just because the excuses are real does not mean we cannot transcend them. We can adopt a new way of thinking and keep coming at a situation from many angles until we find a solution. So as always, this made me think about life and where I can do more.

One perfect example for me is hiking. I have hiked long, long distances in the past, but currently dealing with some issues of ridged flat feet and arthritis in my feet so that things can hurt like a bitch. But so what? Does that mean I can not hike? NO! It just means I must look at how to overcome these issues. So what can I do?  I can get better shoes, have more padding, do more training throughout the week to get my feet through some of the pain, I can eat a diet that reduces inflammation, I can lose weight, so there is less weight on my feet, I can set interim goals for shorter hikes and then day-long hikes. Does this mean I am ready to hike the PCT tomorrow? NO! But it does mean that I can take steps and get better and better. The excuse does not have to define me.

This is just a physical example of an excuse because it is easy to see and understand. But we all put so many other limitations on ourselves with mental excuses. We refrain from doing things because we are not good at them. So what?! What is the worst that can happen? Usually, it is nothing all that bad. Write that book, start studying for that new career you want. You have the capacity to learn more than you think.

I also think that sometimes we face challenges so that we can be guided in a different direction. What if I do everything right and hiking still is not working? Okay, then maybe it will turn me onto biking. I can still get around in the wild to take pictures in fantastic places, just in a different mode. I think that comes with being open. Do not let the excuses define you, but also pay attention when you are being guided to solve the issue in a way you would not have thought of.



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