If Not You, Then Who?

We all have dreams or even random ideas that come to our heads of things we should do, learn or explore. But sometimes it is easy to say, “why?” Why should I do this? Many other people have done something similar,” or you think you do not have enough experience yet to do what you have in mind. Often this is the self-defeating voice in our heads that tells us we are not good enough. But how many people have created some of the most amazing things and were not specifically qualified or ready?

Now I am not saying to profess you are an expert at something you are not or to perform surgery if you do not have medical training. But we think of doing so many other things and stop ourselves before we even have a chance to explore the idea.

Are you thinking of writing a book? Please do it! You are the only one who will have your unique set of experiences and specific outlook on life. You may offer a perspective to the world that people have not heard. And even if it does not sell a million copies, it may reach a few people whose lives it changes.

Start right now by just taking one small step towards that idea you have popping up. What is one small step? Lean into it, dip your toe in, and test the water. You do not have to jump in, but at least take one action forward.

I think ideas and concepts come to people for a reason, maybe it is because you will bring something big and new to the world, and perhaps it is simply that there is something you have to learn that will help you with something coming up.  So instead of asking, “why should I?” ask, “why not? Let me see where this takes me.” You could wind up changing the world! You got this!



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