What Would a Badass Do?

Recently there were a lot of things going on in life that I will not get deep into. But enough things were going on that my headspace was not as good as it typically is. I noticed I was having a harder time than usual getting as much done as I wanted. Now first off, I think we go through phases or things in life that cause us to pause, slow down, and reevaluate. But in this case, I felt that I had had enough downtime and was not quite having the normal mental fortitude to kick ass on my business.

One of the things I do when I am down is listen to some very specific YouTube channels for some inspiration.  I generally don’t watch random stuff on YouTube, I used it specifically for motivation or growth in my career or mindset. I think I was listening to Tom Bilyeu on what traits the person you want to be would have. Now, I have listened to all of this stuff before, but sometimes I need a refresher. But one thing that came to me right away that day is “What would a badass do?” Now you notice I did not say I AM a badass. I think I AM statements can be amazing and profound, but when you do not feel like it at the moment it can also feel like a lie and make the brain retaliate. So instead, I simply asked what a badass would do.

Well, a badass would get through this task list with no problems. And a badass would have no issue resisting tempting foods and would eat a healthy meal. And a badass would get a workout done. On and on this went. Basically, acting as if I were this badass. It wound up being the extra push I needed but in the gentlest loving way possible.

I think we are all badasses, capable of way more than we realize, sometimes we just need to remind ourselves who we are.



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